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Gathering Strength, Achieving Dreams, Wonderful Review of the Awards Ceremony

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Unite and gather strength, strive to achieve dreams

     On the evening of January 12, Shenzhen Tengsheng Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.'s 2019 Awards Ceremony and 2020 New Year Gala was grandly held in Yuejiangchun. 380 people gathered together to share the feast.

The venue lights are radiant and dazzling

Build dreams, achieve dreams

"Building Dreams" kicked off the annual meeting

With the end of the opening dance

Handsome guys and beautiful women host the appearance


Awards ceremonyModel peers

There are such outstanding people in Tengsheng!

They regard work as a responsibility and excellence as a standard. Even in the most ordinary positions, they can use the highest standards to show their self-worth.

Emerging Award

Outstanding Mentor Award

Craftsman Award

There are also such excellent sales staff in Tengsheng!

They are fighting on the front line of sales, using true emotions to move customers, serve customers, and satisfy customers.

Only performance is the king, and only orders can solve one's worries.

Tengsheng also has such a group of outstanding management leaders!

They keep an eye on the target, overcome difficulties and set an example

Lead the team to sweat all the way, pass the test, and complete the department's annual goal.

Outstanding Management Award

There is also such an excellent team in Tengsheng!

They are customer-centric, eager for customers, think about what customers think, break the ground, provide customers with high-quality products and services, and achieve the highest standards of helping customers succeed.

Most Combat Team Award

In Tengsheng, there are such a group of outstanding guardians who are in the same boat through tough times and loyal to each other!

They are rooted in "Tengsheng", day after day, they personally annotate the complete connotation of "following each other, sharing honor and disgrace". Loyalty is the most essential element in their long life, and dedication is the value landmark for them to realize their ideals in life.

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Three, five, eight, ten-year service awards


Wonderful showBeautiful

The song is magnificent

The dance is dynamic

More interesting magic

All are great~~~

Burn my calories and be a better version of yourself

Classic ghost step dance, full of dynamic

Walk into the hall of magic and witness the occurrence of miracles

Canghai laughed, how many mundane things are out of the way

You look so beautiful when you smile, like a spring flower

Cantata-Love each other in a family


Love each other and reunion


Department style各具特色



There are still some friends who have not been in the mirror,

Praise for those friends who work behind the scenes!

The event ended successfully, everyone has worked hard!


Resolute dreams, break the boat and sink the boat, create new achievements!